Who We Are

We envision sexually healthy people and communities throughout Alabama and advance our mission of championing healthy adolescent development through evidence-informed sexual health education and services.

About The Campaign

The Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded on the belief that reducing the rate of teen pregnancy is one of the most direct means available to improve overall child well-being and reduce persistent poverty. You can learn more about what we do here.

The Campaign was founded in 1999, and incorporated in 2002, in response to a deep concern among community leaders that Alabama had one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the United States. Alabama has made progress in reducing teen pregnancy since 1999, but even with that progress we remain ranked among the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. High rates of teen pregnancy burden not only teenagers but also their children, families and communities, while imposing large costs on taxpayers as well. For the most recent teen pregnancy and birth data, click here.

Teen pregnancy prevention requires the thoughtful and deliberate attention of parents, youth, community leaders, educators, policy makers, faith leaders, and others who have an interest in the healthy development of Alabama’s children and youth.  You can receive information and learn about teen pregnancy prevention in Alabama by signing up for the monthly newsletter.



Tony Christon-Walker

Tony Christon-Walker – Chair
AIDS Alabama

Shey Thorn Thomas

Shey ThornChair-elect

AIDS Alabama South


Michelle Jenkins

Michelle Jenkins – Treasurer
Anglin Reichmann Snellgrove, P.C.

Brook Araya

Brook Araya – Secretary
University of Alabama - Birmingham, School of Public Health

M. Anthony

Michelle Anthony, MSN, RN
Community Member


Nic Carlisle, JD
University of Alabama - Birmingham, School of Medicine

Mona Davis

Mona Davis
The Gift of Life Foundation

Foster Dickson

Foster Dickson
Booker T. Washington Magnet High School


Claire Estep
University of Alabama - Birmingham


Samantha Hill, MD, MPH
University of Alabama - Birmingham; Children's Hospital of Alabama

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson
Emerge Community Solutions; Auburn University Montgomery

Sue Jones

Sue Jones
The FOCUS Program

Robin Lanzi

Robin Lanzi, PhD, MPH
University of Alabama - Birmingham, School of Public Health; Center for AIDS Research

nancy buckner

Nancy Buckner, Commissioner – ex-officio
Alabama Department of Human Resources

scott harris

Scott Harris, MD, State Health Officer – ex-officio
Alabama Department of Public Health


Dr. Eric Mackey, State Superintendent of Education – ex-officio
Alabama State Department of Education


Eric Goodcase, PhD
University of Alabama



Christina Clark Okarmus, MPP

Executive Director

With over ten years of advocacy experience, Christina Clark Okarmus is leading the Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health as Executive Director. Christina is committed to the right of young people in Alabama to receive sexual health education that is medically accurate, age-appropriate, inclusive, and free of bias and shame. She cares deeply about the ability of all people to have the knowledge, skills, and access to services to take care of their health.

Nadia Haq

Nadia Haq

Program Coordinator

Nadia is the Program Coordinator for the Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health. They strongly believe health education programs and policies can have lasting effects on one’s ability to reach their full health potential. They are enthusiastic about Alabama youth receiving inclusive sexual health education and services so they may be empowered toward making their own health decisions.


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