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Community Benefit Report 2021-2022: Just Released!

Meagan Lyle | June 6, 2023

This past year has been a big one for the Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health! We facilitated our inaugural Girls at the Center Youth Advisory Council in Montgomery and trained over 400 youth serving professionals about various sexual health topics. Our staff distributed sexual health resources and informational brochures to over 1,900 individuals across the state at the School Nurses Conference, Children’s Policy Council and the HOSA Conference for high schoolers and several other events. Finally, we partnered with community based organizations to host educational webinars, trainings, and in-person events such as the Coming of Age Story Hour, where adults came together in Birmingham to talk about their own sexual health education experiences and brainstorm ways of making sex education more informative and fun, and less shame oriented.

We continue to work hard to advocate for young people’s right to medically accurate, age-appropriate, inclusive sex education and the relevant resources to make informed decisions about their bodies, their health, and their relationships.

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to expanding and deepening our work to bring comprehensive sexual health education to young people, parents, and educators across the state. Read the report below for a snapshot of some of our accomplishments last year! 

Community Benefit Report October 2021-September 2022




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