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2023 Policy Priorities Released for National Sex Ed Week of Action

Meagan Lyle | February 15, 2023
Copy of 2023 National Sex Ed WOA (1)

The Alabama Campaign board of directors and staff are pleased to release our 2023 Policy Priorities during the second annual National Sex Ed Week of Action. As the political climate becomes more and more hostile to marginalized communities, including Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ folks, and even children, we have added policy priorities to address our concerns.

In 2023, we believe the Alabama legislature, Governor Ivey, and the people of Alabama have the ability to:
1. Address racial health disparities in sexual and reproductive health
2. Mandate comprehensive sexual health education in Alabama public schools and create accountability measures to ensure efficacy
3. Ensure sexual and reproductive health access for all Alabamians through the expansion of Medicaid
4. Ensure the protection of pregnant people against investigation and prosecution for miscarriage or pregnancy loss
5. Ensure the protection of LGBTQ+ youth
6. Implement child protection policies and minimize the impact of “parental rights” extremism

You can read our full 2023 Policy Priority document which includes background research and justification for each priority. We look forward to a productive 2023 legislative session and hope advocates around the state will join us in advancing these priorities.



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