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2018 CDC School Health Profiles Fact Sheet Released

Christina Clark | April 16, 2020

The Alabama Campaign is pleased to release the 2018 CDC School Health Profiles Fact Sheet. Every year, the CDC conducts a School Health Profiles Survey, containing a series of questions related to Characteristics of Health Programs Among Secondary Schools. The 2018 survey sampled 259 Alabama public school Lead Health Education teachers with a 71% response rate. The Alabama Campaign focused on the same four questions related to sexual health education that we looked at in 2016 for our Public Policy Project. The findings in 2018 are similar to 2016 – a little more than half of students in grades 9-12 receive information on sexual health topics, such as HIV, STIs, pregnancy, condoms, and healthy relationships, and very few students in grades 6-8 receive the information. It remains clear that Alabama public schools have a lot more work to do to provide adequate sexual health education for its students.



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