Nadia Haq

Nadia is the Program Coordinator for the Alabama Campaign for Adolescent Sexual Health. They strongly believe health education programs and policies can have lasting effects on one’s ability to reach their full health potential. They are enthusiastic about Alabama youth receiving inclusive sexual health education and services so they may be empowered toward making their own health decisions.


Nadia has successfully practiced forming long-term community partnerships, coordinating inclusive and advocacy-based events, writing instructional design, hosting workshops or conferences, and managing communications. These efforts have translated into newsworthy civic campaigns and community health initiatives. Prompted by this success, they were inspired to continue advocacy work in sexual and reproductive health as the previous UAB 1917 Clinic Testing and Counseling Intern, and now as the Alabama Campaign’s Program Coordinator.


Nadia holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Along with their work with the Alabama Campaign, they are an ambassador for UAB’s Lister Hill Center for Health Policy.


Nadia Haq
Program Coordinator
Pronouns: they/them